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About Us and Our Products

Our family has been involved with importing quality products into Australasia since the 1930’s. Now as the third generation, involved in importing since 1991, we remain a 100% family-owned and operated business. We continue to strive to import only the best quality products from the best manufacturers.

Several years ago, after great frustration with purchasing local paint products that simply did not last, we sourced and started importing several ranges of top-quality coatings that are made to last – and are all backed by manufacturer warranties to do so! (See our product pages for details of the great guarantees offered). We know that people don’t want to spend all their free time re-painting or fixing their homes and our philosophy aims to address this:

“Use a quality product that lasts, then forget it and get on with the good stuff in life”

Contrary to what some local suppliers of paints would have you believe with regards to imported paints being unable to withstand our harsh UV rays, this simply is not true.

All our products have been used throughout many climates which are much harsher than our climate and have more extreme UV exposure.
As stated by Dr Richard McKenzie (Niwa Scientist and global expert on Ultraviolet light amongst other notable achievements)

“Before UV-sensitive outdoor materials are marketed and deployed they will have typically undergone long-term testing against UV damage in high UV testing sites like Southern California and Florida (latitude ~30N ). Because Australasia’s annual UV dose is less than those sites, any guarantee against UV damage that applies throughout USA should also apply anywhere in Australasia.”

In addition to this, our products are certified to meet ASTM standards – these are global technical standards.

Prior to making your purchase decision, we recommend a Google search of our products – and of our competitors’ products – to check out reviews, and also to see what guarantees are offered by the manufacturers of these products.

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